Mia Torres. 19. California ☀️

I love girls

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Okay then. How was/is your day? 😊


It was cool just hella hot! How was/is yours? ☺️


Aries: gay
Taurus: gay
Gemini: gay
Cancer: gay
Leo: gay
Virgo: gay
Libra: gay
Scorpio: gay
Sagittarius: gay
Capricorn: gay
Aquarius: gay
Pisces: gay

I can only twerk while laying on my stomach on my bed and that’s the end of my dancing career

Black and White Drugs Guns and Sex Blog

Why does everyone like my text posts but don’t reblog them? Selfish bastards only keeping the funny posts to be seen by yourselves

I wanna talk to you but I'd be too nervous because you're too perf 😁☺️



Whaaat! You’re crazy haha but I promise I won’t bite ;)

No but really talk to me lol even if you don’t wanna come off anon you can wait till you’re comfortable enough :)


I’m torn between wanting to cuddle with you while drinking tea and playing Xbox and wanting to fuck you on every possible surface in my house




i didnt choose the thug life my mom picked it out for me

it was on sale

thanks mom